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Here's a couple of our mules.
Two of our "huntin buddies" at 3 years old in Sept 1994 Chandra and Lane.  They both still like to go.
Spring Creek Speed or Speedy as we called him was a Grandson of Spring Creek Rock.  I never competion hunted him, but as a pleasure dog you wouldn't find much better, he was a coondog for sure.  He wasn't the fastest or loudest dog in the woods but he was night after night  the most consistent coon treeing dog I have ever owned.
Christmas 1999  Wyatt, Lane and Josie, this was our Christmas card picture.
These are just a few pictures of hounds past and present.  Hope you enjoy looking as much as I have and will enjoy hunting them.  Every now and then I'll throw in something different just for fun.  Keep 'em in the woods and take a kid hunting the next time you go!
Tuff on the left, Tiny Sue a Walker X Black and Tan she's a 2 year old daughter of Josie and a Granddaughter of Speedy
A 2001 batch of Finely River puppies.
"Mud Creek FR Sun" the only male from the litter above. At 8 weeks and  8 months.
M and S Mud Creek Sally on a cold 2002 January night.  She is Gunslinger x Sudden Sadie ( a Nailor female).
Toad Holler Blazing Star
Tuff was hit and killed by a car on Dec 26, 2001
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My Great Grandparents (mother's side)and and his hounds.  No wonder I like them spotted dogs so much!
Toad Holler Snow White (Whitey)
Sally and 1st litter of pups born 6/11/02. Sire is Toad Holler Boomer and the Grandsire is Spring Creek Speed from above. 2nd pic taken 7/17/02.
My Grandpa (mother's Dad), the little saddle back B&T was his favorite, and she was a coondog.

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My Grandpa (mother's Dad), the little saddle back B&T was his favorite, and she was a coondog.
This is my Dad and Happy a redbone x B&T female.  He said she was the best one he ever owned. 
Sally died of a possible stroke in Jan 2005.  She was just a few days short of being 6 years old.
Newest pup born 11/13/07 no name yet.